Welcome to Dance Etc. Studio

Welcome to Dance Etc. Studio

Welcome to Dance Etc. StudioWelcome to Dance Etc. StudioWelcome to Dance Etc. Studio

Spring Schedule now posted! Join us for our 11th year with our seasoned, professional staff!

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

All about Dance Etc. Studio


A Mission of Movement

Welcome and thank you for your interest and support in Dance Etc. Studio  At Dance Etc. Studio, we are dedicated to providing each student that walks into our door with superior training.  We concentrate on the fundamental building blocks of dance, confidence, individuality, teamwork, responsibility, and, most importantly, respect for others.  Whether you are seeking a professional dancing career or dancing for recreational purposes, we have the facility and staff to suit your dancing needs.


Teachers with Experience

Our staff strives to obtain the utmost knowledge in their expertise of dance.  They undergo continuous training and bring new and exciting choreography to the dance classroom.  Each teacher is energetic, fun, knowledgeable, and always focuses on a positive message.


Competition Dance & Performance Teams


Dance Etc. Studio provides young dancers the opportunity to compete on our Company dance team.  Our team has competed at many competitions over the years and won numerous awards for their excellence in dance and teamwork.  Along with the dedication to extra practices to ensure their professional success, students have to audition to be chosen to be a company dance member.

These students will also be performing at local events, Parades here in Ellijay and in Nashville, TN!!!! 

Our Classes


Ballet is one of the most classical styles of all dance, it is achieved by precise and highly developed and elaborate steps that are created to a form of music creating a certain tone.  Our dancers train using a barre to sharpen technique along with performing dance combinations across the floor and in the center of the dance space.


Lyrical dancers tell a story or express a mood through their body movements. Dancers need a strong Ballet background to succeed in this genre.  Contemporary dance uses the same principles with more modern music and movements.


Tap is a rhythmical style of dance that is performed while wearing shoes that are fitted with metal taps to enhance musicality.  Students will learn to express rhythm through their feet and body. 


An advanced form of ballet that takes the dancer to the tip of their toes.  This style of dance requires intense concentration and muscle strength that is reserved for those dancers who are ready for the challenge both physically and mentally.  Students MUST be approved by instructor before entering this class.

Musical Theatre

A force of dancing, acting, singing, and spoken dialog to declare a varied emotional aspect of a production. Our students will study many different musical productions and are able to embrace the characters and portray them to an audience through their face and body movements.


Jazz originated in the late 1800s and has changed shape over the many years since it began.  Our Jazz class has technical steps performed to upbeat music. The students learn technique and style as both are important to this type of dance.  

Hip Hop

A popular, modern style of dance that embraces culture and individuality.  It is generally performed to popular upbeat and energetic music.


Designed especially for our youngest dancers (ages 3-5). 

Our studio believes in creative movement, muscle development, teaching the fundamentals of both Ballet and Tap, teamwork, and most importantly self love and respect for others.  Classes are designed to help your young one learn the important dance class skills that they will keep with them for years to come.

Studio Rentals/Parties

For information on renting our large studio space to accommodate a birthday party or large event, please contact us for pricing and availability using the "Send Message" link below.

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